What are your favorite simple seasonings for chicken breasts?

Answer The basics are probably salt, pepper and garlic (powder). After that you can add more spices or herbs depending on the type of flavor you want. For example, you can add thyme which is fairly comm... Read More »

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I'm cooking a chicken curry for 50 people, how many chicken breasts will I need?

work per portion or per scoop!put two persons per scoop or 1 person per breast

How to Grill Chicken Breasts?

Grilled chicken breasts are a versatile dish that can be used in a variety of dishes. Learn how to successfully grill chicken breasts for an assortment of satisfying meals. First learn the basics, ... Read More »

How to Boil Chicken Breasts?

A chicken breast is the all white-meat portion of a chicken. Chicken breasts are commonly found in cling-wrapped packs in the poultry section of grocery stores, and come in a number of cuts: bone-i... Read More »

How to Broil Chicken Breasts?

For lunch or dinner, chicken is a nutritious and versatile food. It can be prepared in a number of ways to accomplish different flavors, textures and presentations. One of the easiest and most stra... Read More »