What are your favorite apps for the ipod touch?

Answer Here are some apps and games for the iPod TouchApplicationsFacebook/AppBox Pro/Nimbuzz/FML/Dictionary/ConvertbotGamesDoodleJump/COD Zombies/The Sims 3/ZombieVille USA/Pocket God/Traffic Rush/MX May... Read More »

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Why won't your iPod Touch let me buy apps?

because your credit card is not valid anymore or because you don't have any more money in your account if that doesn't work I'd contact apple.

How do you fix your ipod touch when apps close automatically?

you can try charging it or go to future shop and see if they can fix it. or best buy. wherever you got it from. :)

How do you find out your ipod touch password and username for apps?

Why do your APPS on your Ipod touch say waiting?

It means you haven't completely downloaded the app yet. Reconnect to wifi and wait to see if has a little loading bar on the app if not tap the app once. if that dosn't help, sink your app and redo... Read More »