What are your favorite Shrimp Recipes?

Answer Hi Craig -I just love shrimp and prawns too! I just had prawns with steak on Christmas and it was delicious. Here is what I do usually with prawns and shrimp (I buy the biggest size of either).De... Read More »

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Parents, what are some of your favorite recipes.. in the crockpot!?

My super amazing kielbasa. It's great for cookouts and smells like a BBQ when it's cooking and tastes amazing! All you need is kielbasa (cut into slices), 1 jar of apple jelly (like Smuckers) and a... Read More »

Your favorite salt cod recipes?

Olive, always. I've mostly given up on canola for frying - has that odd stale taste. Anyway, olive is what they use all around the Mediterranean. This was originally a Provençal sort of thing, but... Read More »

Whats your favorite Paratha Recipes ?

Vegetarian recipes- What's your favorite?

I've been a vegetarian all my life and my absolute favourite recipe is sooooo simple: Bean BurritoTortilla shellRefried beansMelted cheeseSalsa on topMy mom make a GREAT vegetarian Stew:It has pot... Read More »