What are your experiences on LSD?

Answer 40, female, last time I used it I was 22 yrs old. I liked how it made things seem 3D, the hallucinations were good, felt relaxed, music sounded more clear and intense, sex was phenomenal, and laste... Read More »

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Has anyone had any bad experiences with starbucks?

Drink wise, not really. I always get a standard grande latte and its hard to mess up on that. However, I did have this one girl that told me that if i wanted to read the newspaper, i would have to ... Read More »

What were (or are) your experiences with radiation?

At first I was going to say there is NOTHING GOOD in dealing with radiation. But, that is not entirely true. The GOOD:The good is that you make friendships with others experiencing radiation. Ou... Read More »

Have you had bad experiences with medication?

All medication is fine if prescribed in "incremental Doses ( 10mg -one month test if more needed to bring reading into line increase anther 10 mg." dangers of side effects if Indiscriminate dosage,... Read More »

Experiences with upper lip waxing?

- Make sure your skin is clean and dry, oils and water prevent the wax from sticking to hair- Don't try doing it all at once, do small sections at a time. I normally do 6. - Make sure the wax is th... Read More »