What are your expctations from the school as a parent?

Answer I expect for facilities with good quality, educators with high academic degree, a clean and safe discipline from the teachers and personnel, good grades from organizations and high reputation

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Can a sole custody parent take child out of school and home school without other parent consent?

Answer It certainly seems a little confrontational to use a child as a pawn like that. You may hate your X, but don't take it out on the child. Both of you should work together for the best intere... Read More »

How do you calculate the time percentage each parent being with the child when the child has school and one parent sends the child to the school while the other picks him up when school is over?

The amount of hours with each parent, minus time at school. see link

Can a non-custodial parent enroll the children in a school near them with the other parent's consent?

%REPLIES% Answer I believe this is more of a question concerning the rules of the school district.If their primary residence is not with you.You would need permission from the Supervisor of the sch... Read More »

When each parent has custody of one child but they both have joint legal custody is the other parent able to enroll the child in school if they end up coming to live with that parent?

joint custody is just given to make the other person who doesnt have all legal rights feel better, they don't have any real rights of the child, but theyt do get visitation rights. and if you went ... Read More »