What are the chances of getting the flu when you get a flu shot?

Answer Very little chance of getting the flu in spite of getting a flu shot. Perhaps 10%, probably less, of the people who get the flu vaccination end up getting the flu anyway. In most cases these people... Read More »

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Does the flu shot lower chances of getting the flu?

Yes, considerably. See below from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Past studies have shown in years when the vaccine viruses and circulating viruses are well-matched, the v... Read More »

My mother had hep B and I was given an extra immunity shot at birth. What are the chances of me having hep b?

So your mother had hepatitis B. Did she have an active infection when she was pregnant and when she delivered you? "and I was given an extra immunity shot at birth." -- No you weren't. That wa... Read More »

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How can I improve my chances of earning a full ride scholarship and what are my current chances of earning one?

Depending on the college that you are wanting to get into, you would want to check out all the scholarships that are offered, go to the financial aid office and ask what is available. Most colleges... Read More »