My free book light will only work if I am wearing my Snuggie?

Answer They made it like that--they want you and everyone else in the world to wear the Snuggie....its a conspiracy really. I started wearing the Snuggie too and now my computer wont work unless I have th... Read More »

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If you have unlimited texting, do you get ChaCha answers for free?

chacha answers me for free on here all the time, sometimes she hits me up for sexual favors though, i don't mind

How to React the Day After a Guy Hugs You?

Have you ever felt awkward about talking your guy the day after he first hugged you? Here's one way to take care of that.

The Different Types of Hugs?

Man is a social animal. People need connectivity and reaching out and touching someone is the way to do it. Hugging someone is a way to demonstrate caring. Both the hugger and the person being hugg... Read More »

How to Like and Accept Hugs?

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