What are you under the influence of tonight?

Answer I am under the influence of a cup of coffee and my wife!! Thats all I need on a friday night. ...

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What will you be charge if assaulting a police officer and under the influence and a minor?

You could be charged with multiple offenses depending on many factors such as location, time, age, on top of the initial reason for being around the police. Firstly, just judging the question you C... Read More »

Who killed Katrina hannagan in CSI MIAMI from under the influence?

frankie cocozza admitted to doing cocaine but if you are frankies number one fan like i am you will stick up for him hes the best and so what?? get a life the people who slag him hes the best perso... Read More »

Question for Australians about the influence of China down under?

I don't see the problem we also have a huge Japanese interest in Australia are we forgetting in our recent history they attacked us and we fought a war against them.So if we can make friends and t... Read More »

I need to get over my fear of driving under the influence. Any suggestions?

STOP DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE!Maybe you have that fear because you might have a conscience. You should not want to get over that fear. You could seriously hurt or kill someone you dope!Stupid Qu... Read More »