What am I supposed to do?

Answer Well what my sister in law did was apply for grants there are plenty of them hidden ones too, also endowments left by deseased people who did'nt have kids or wanted to help a good person to get the... Read More »

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What age are you supposed to be on BrainSurge?

What is enzyte supposed to do?

By now, you probably have seen the suggestive television ads for Enzyte with "Smiling Bob." Many wonder what it is about Enzyte that has Bob permanently smiling. Take caution before taking Enzyte o... Read More »

What am I supposed to see here?

Its like one of those holograms....just keep looking. try to look "through" it!

Are you supposed to pop pimples.. Or what ?

No don't pop em...even though I do, it's really bad for your skin, put a washcloth in water then microwave if for a few seconds then heat your whiteheads with that