What are you still waiting to see happen with TV entertainment?

Answer Technology has already started changing television dramatically over the past few years. We've all come to know and love our HD content, and I feel that will be the standard within the next few ye... Read More »

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How can i calm down my daughter who is waiting on a very important call that could happen at anytime during any day?

Access has been Denied!- YOUR ORG NAMEAccess to the page: has been denied for the following reason:Weighted phrase limit exceeded. Categories:Pornogra... Read More »

Is Tayt Andersen still waiting for a new heart?

I haven't heard anything else, so he is most probably still waiting..

Still having pop up problems and waiting for a better answer?

Google these :Browser HijackingCheck these sites out, instead of a quick fix, if you learn to see the signs, and notice changes in your system thats a better solution otherwise, you'll just keep ge... Read More »

Is there still a waiting list for the US coast guard?