What are you mommies and daddies making for dinner tonight?

Answer Sounds delicious, my other in law makes the best home made spaghetti sauce, I could almost smell it when you described your dads.Actually we will be having left over pizza from last night LOL

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Mommies and Daddies I need your help?

Hi dear, I am from MA too! I saw the terrible damage that the storm had done. I'm sorry. I was fortunate not to have gotten hit by it. When I saw it on the news, I couldn't imagine that it hit west... Read More »

Some Fun for you mommies and daddies?

How old is your LO? He will be 1 tomorrow!When is there birthday? Tomorrow, 9/2What are they currently doing? He's at daycare :(What milestones have they reached lately? He can stand by himself, bu... Read More »

Mommies and Daddies too, before you became a parent, how did you prepare?

I read absolutely every parenting book I could find. Had a babby then figured out that the books don't help with day to day stuff like feeding and sleeping. So I burnt them and had to wing it, whic... Read More »

What are you making me for dinner tonight?

Tonight I'm making oriental pepper steak with steamed rice. Last night was Mexican food. The night before was fried chicken southern style. I love to cook.