What are you grateful for?

Answer I'm grateful to God for giving me everything that I have.

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What does the Grateful Dead hand with the finger missing mean?

The Grateful Dead hand with the finger missing represents the missing right middle finger of guitarist Jerry Garcia. Garcia lost his half of his finger to a wood-chopping axe when he was four. He w... Read More »

What state can you can purchase these mistic flavors please give an address forever grateful?

President Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address to a joint session of congress on Wednesday, January 27th (9pm EST).

How to Be Grateful?

Nowadays, we take many things for granted and cannot appreciate anything in life. Appreciating the simple things in life makes good sense and will result in increased happiness for you.

"Lucky" and "grateful"?

as a person who benefits from using a service animal, i would not "wish" it on anyone. i love her more than anything, except my amom.'s different to be dependant on a dog for ... Read More »