What are you going to bring to cook on the outside grill?

Answer Oh Goody...We are going to have a BBQ!...I'll bring some nice chicken breasts and a nice rack of beef spare ribs and of course I will bring my special BBQ sauce...I will cut up some fresh fruit and... Read More »

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Are we allowed to bring our own grill to Santa Monica Beach and cook food there?

I believe you can but I would recommend a cheap lightweight one. Remember you gotta haul it and your stuff to and from your car. z

I am going to a BBQ this week and not sure what to take with me, do i bring drinks I'm not much of a cook?

Get a bottle of pimms and a bottle of lemonade. Fill a jug with ice, 1/4 pimms + 3/4 lemonade. Add mint, slices of apple, cucumber, orange and lemon, even strawberries. Perfect bbq drink.....

What temperature do I cook pork chops on a Foreman grill?

The George Foreman Grill is ideal for cooking a wide variety of meats and vegetables. To cook your pork chops to perfection, set your grill on the high temperature setting and get your meat thermom... Read More »

What can i bring someone whos sick i dont have time too cook soup?

fruit, crackers, (jello like the other person said:) ) and if you have time maybe some toast? tea is always good too. also icecream sometimes feels good on a sore throat:P and there are some soups... Read More »