What are you entitled to if you were hurt on the job?

Answer Answer Workers compensation - Here's the Guidebook for Injured Workers for California . And DI - Disability Insurance - coverage if you have it, after... Read More »

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Whilst living in the USA you were registered with the us military and was graded av are you entitled to citizenship?

go to and click on promotions then click on enlisted promotion then choose Sgts and below and pick cutting scores

Will it hurt the baby if you were still taking your birth control pills when you found out you were pregnant?

Answer More than likely everything with baby is fine. Don't stress about it. Your doc will probably give you an ultrasound soon.

If i were to hit someone around the head with a melon would it hurt?

Yup, it sure would.... unless, of course, the person was dead, then they wouldn't feel a thing...I think...I've never been dead, so I couldn't say for sure...

Will it hurt the baby if you got drunk a few times before you knew you were pregnant?