How to Stop Biting and Peeling Your Nails?

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Why do children have peeling nails on their hands and toe nails falling off?

99.8 if it is higher than 102, you need to get urgant help

Remedies for Peeling Nails?

Home remedies for peeling fingernails are easy to use, but it does take time to change the structure of the nail bed. Follow a consistent regimen to rebuild your nails from the inside out. Avoid pr... Read More »

The Best Way to Shorten Peeling Nails?

Harsher weather can really put a lot of wear and tear on delicate nails. Extreme cold can dry hands and nails out and cause them to become brittle. The constant use of hands using hot water and coo... Read More »

How to Prevent Nails From Peeling?

Nutrition and environmental factors, including the type of nail polish you use and cleaning chemicals your hands are exposed to, can affect the strength of your nails. Weak nails may be soft or bri... Read More »