What are worker's compensation benefits?

Answer Worker's compensation benefits are paid to employees who have been injured on the job. They usually include medical expenses, wage replacement and a disability award if the injury is permanent.Medi... Read More »

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Can you collect Social Security benefits& workers'compensation benefits at the same time?

You can take workers' compensation at the same time as Social Security. Taking both at the same time may decrease the amount of Social Security benefits for which you are eligible.References:Social... Read More »

Is there a cap on workers'compensation benefits?

Every state is different, but most have a cap on the permanent and temporary disability benefits a covered worker may receive. A workers' compensation benefit replaces lost wages. The benefit is ba... Read More »

What are workers'compensation benefits?

Not being able to work can be stressful; add an injury to a lack of income and the situation becomes more worrisome. Workers' compensation programs were created to help alleviate these stresses for... Read More »

Are Workers Compensation Benefits Taxable?

According to IRS publication 525, workers' compensation benefits are not taxable under most circumstances, and the tax-exempt status carries on to your survivors. If your benefits serve to reduce y... Read More »