Will fat women admit: fat women attack women that are fit,show skin and wear short skirts and are attractive?

Answer women who wear short skirt are FTW

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At a local country club with 84 members there are half as many women as there are men the next month 8 women join and the ratio of women to men is now 3 to 4 How many men joined or left?

No it isnt.........they are exactly of the same size.....its just the color difference......

Is cheese good for women?

No, not at all. Cheese is made of milk which is obtained from cows through a very painful and terrifying process. Milk is also unhygienic and unsanitary. Here are the health reasons: What's Wron... Read More »

How do women attract good men?

No definitive traits are needed by women to attract good men, as the idea of "good," as well as beauty and attraction, is always in the eye of the beholder. However, staying true to yourself, sta... Read More »

Are women drivers any good?

Some are good, and some are bad -just like any other group you want to put people in. My theory is that a person's personality will truthfully come out in the way a person drives. So depending up... Read More »