Facts of life tv show who was the woman who took care of the girls on the facts of life?

Answer Edna/Mrs. Garrett. Oodles Answer

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Weird thin in my cousins tea what is it?

It's called Boba. It's a type of tapioca, like the kind in pudding, but bigger. It's popular in Asian teas.

;;I'm getting weird day by day.what should i do...?

But I find you coming down a notch or two at nights. You'll be fine.

What are these weird phonecalls?

It doesn't cost you any more than any other incoming call. Your phone is not "calling the other person" (you never heard a dial tone or entered a number, correct?). The "ringing" you hear is just ... Read More »

What is this weird jaw/TMJ problem?

It is possible that your orthodontic work may help. Initially, this may aggravate the condition. If you have any history of car or athletic accidents or neck problems, see a good chiropractor as tm... Read More »