What are ways you can get pregnant with out using sex?

Answer Artificial impregnated or use a finger to insert the semen with.

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Creative ways to tell family your pregnant?

Decide you want a family picture while everyone is there.Once everyone is together, have your husband be the way taken the picture, say by the way (your name) is pregnant and capture everyones reac... Read More »

Ways to tell your boyfriend that you're pregnant and want to keep the baby?

Answer: Just tell him.. Tell him that you are pregnant, it's his, and that you want to keep it... Now I don't know if you care about what your boyfriend thinks, but if he doesn't want it then he wi... Read More »

Cute ways to tell husband you are pregnant (easy 10 points)?

put on racy underthings and cook him a special dinner with candle light. take him to bed and tease him a lil blind fold him and say don't worry about protection we don't need it. we can do what we ... Read More »

If you get pregnant from not having sex ie other ways the sperm could get into vagina can that affect how your pregnancy is?

Answer No this wont effect how your pregnancy progresses. However it is HIGHLY unlikely to become pregnant that way. Answer If you are talking about getting pregnant by using a syringe or similar, ... Read More »