What are ways to save battery life?

Answer Turn on Auto-BrightnessThe iPhone/iPod/iPad has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light around it. Turn this feature on and you’ll save battery becaus... Read More »

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How to Save Battery Life on an iPad?

Running out of battery can leave iPad users feeling a little helpless. Avoid being caught short by using to a few simple practices when your iPad’s battery level begins to dip...

How do you save battery life on the iphone?

My advice is to turn the brightness level down to a still comfertable level, turn off wi-fi (unless you're using it), and try not to use so many graphic-filled apps.

How to Save Battery Life in Windows 7?

Microsoft recently released a new 14-page whitepaper entitled “Windows 7 Power Management” to outline the power management technologies in Windows 7 that reduce power consumption. For those cur... Read More »

Is it better to plug charger always to save my laptop's battery life?

Yes, that is a good way to conserve the battery life. If you have no reason to be running the battery down, then you should keep the laptop plugged into AC power. Lithium-ion batteries lose a littl... Read More »