Ways to Keep Taco Shells Warm?

Answer When preparing tacos the taco shells are heated in the oven for a few minutes to warm them and then filled with the various taco fillings. However, more often than not you or your family members wi... Read More »

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What are some good ways to conserve on home heating, yet stay warm?

If you can, use the plastic. Use flannel sheets on your at night. You can turn down the heat then. My daughter said to she uses electric heat towers. She said her electric is cheaper this way, ... Read More »

Any suggestions for non-medicinal ways to fall asleep better (ive heard of warm milk, but drinking it sucks!)?

I so understand where you are coming from. I find it terribly hard to sleep. Ive been prescribed medications and all they have done for me is make me grumpy and irritable and given me headaches. I ... Read More »

I have on my warm blue sweater tonight,,,,,,what or who is keeping you warm?

My memories are keeping me warm....andMy pink turtleneck sweater is helping....Peace.

How to Warm Yourself Up?

When it's cold, warming yourself up may be desirable or even lifesaving. Here are some tips on keeping yourself up.