What are ways in applying fertilizers in plants home gardening?

Answer Most fertilizer packages have instructions that give the amount and frequency of application. You can either follow those directions or feed half as much as directed but twice as often. After addin... Read More »

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Four Methods for Applying Fertilizers?

Fertilization is a necessary part of successfully growing many plants, especially when the yield of the crop is important for food production or flower growth. Fertilizers add nutrients to the soil... Read More »

What is a type of gardening that utilizes organic compost for fertilizers?

Organic is the type of gardening that includes the use of compost for fertilizers. Properly made compost breaks down aerobically, in the presence of adequate amounts of moisture, light, and heat. I... Read More »

Why Do Plants Need Fertilizers?

Plants require a combination of elements to thrive: sunlight, moisture and the right balance of nutrients. Just as human beings may take vitamin supplements to offset deficiencies in diet, plants m... Read More »

Different Fertilizers on the Same Tomato Plants?

Fertilizers can single-handedly mean the difference between success or failure in growing vegetable plants at home. But growers need to approach fertilizer selection with caution. When growing toma... Read More »