What are water tablets for?

Answer They help remove excess water from your system. The prescription ones basically force you to pee, which dehydrates you and forces your body to leech the water from other parts of the body that have... Read More »

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What company makes tablets or pills to purify water?

A number of companies make pills and tablets that purify water. These companies include Potable Aqua, Katadyn, Coghlan and Chlor-Floc. These tablets can be used to make water safe for drinking in t... Read More »

Is it ok to dissolve tablets or capsules in water?

Im guessing ti should be okay if you really have a problem with it. Its not to difficult. Dilute your mouth with water so drink then put the pills in your mouth and just swallow with a gulp of wate... Read More »

Do dishwasher tablets dissolve in water?

Yes. Dishwasher Tablets do dissolve in water, but they take a bit of time.

Flavored water tablets or powder?