What are water filters made of?

Answer Water filters can be made from several different kinds of materials. In the wilderness, you can make water filters from cans or plastic bottles. However, most commercial water filters use charcoal,... Read More »

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Do activated charcoal water filters remove dioxins from water?

Home Water Pro states that activated charcoal filters are effective at removing dioxins from water. Dioxins are often a by-product of herbicides and can be harmful to the kidneys, liver and lungs.R... Read More »

Do PUR 2 Stage water filters fit water coolers& bottles?

The Pur 2 Stage line of water dispensers and filters are not designed to fit water coolers and bottles; however, water from a Pur 2 Stage water dispenser can be filtered and poured directly into a ... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters?

Reverse osmosis, or RO, water systems involve filters that use a very thin membrane wrapped around itself several times. The water is forced slowly through this membrane, which has spaces so small ... Read More »

What substances are found in household water filters?