What are voice mail services?

Answer Voice mail services are systems that allow telephone messages to be administered for a large group of users. Colloquial use of the term includes any cellular voice mail or home phone answering syst... Read More »

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How to Access Your Voice Mail From a Remote Location on Comcast Digital Voice Mail?

Comcast digital voice allows customers to access digital voice mail remotely by telephone and through the Internet; both of these services are included in each voice mail plan.

In telephone exchange terms what does 'voice and data services' mean?

You are correct. It means any non-voice transmissions (incoming and out going) including internet/broadband.

What is voice mail?

Voice mail is a type of service that records messages from callers when you do not answer your phone. The purpose of voice mail is similar to answering machines, which make digital or cassette reco... Read More »

How do you set up your voice mail?

That would depend on several things. Did you want to buy it new, second hand, rent it or use it on pay as you go.