What are vaginal skin tags?

Answer Vaginal skin tags are not a serious condition. Usually appearing as women get older, these benign skin growths are more of an embarrassment or irritation than a medical concern. In addition to the ... Read More »

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What are skin tags in dogs?

You may notice a few lumps and bumps on your otherwise healthy dog, especially as it ages. While they aren't always pretty, some of these skin conditions are relatively harmless to your dog. Skin t... Read More »

What is cryotherapy for skin tags?

According to the National Institutes of Health, skin tags are smooth, noncancerous, fleshy growths. Some are no bigger than a pinhead while others are as large as small grapes. Doctors remove skin ... Read More »

How to Find What Causes Skin Tags?

What causes skin tags? Read on to find out what skin tags are, skin tag treatment, and skin tag removal - plus find out what causes skin tags, those nasty little bits of outlying skin... ... Read More »

What are skin tags on genital areas?

Skin tags, small and benign growths on the skin, can appear on both the genitalia of men and women.SignificanceSkin tags most often appear on the shaft of the penis in men. In women, they most ofte... Read More »