What are used in the UK that are made in China?

Answer The Apple iPhone is a separate computer from any other computer line. It runs its own operating system, which is completely separate from Apple's OSX desktop/laptop operating system.

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CompanyAdvance Company of America that sells ovens made in China?

I assume that you are leaving the refrigerator outside for the winter, perhaps on a porch. Last year I did this simply by disconnecting the water supply to the refrigerator and draining that tube.... Read More »

Is it true that some i phones are made in California assemble in China?

Probably true. Many good American products are now assembled in China, due to cheap labor costs. I was shocked recently on a trip to Home Depot, when I checked all the good names in tools, and most... Read More »

Are Bose systems really the best, did you know that they are made in China?

Hummm….If you purchase one of their systems you will feel BOSE!BurnedOnShi**yElectronicsAs mentioned above, Bose systems are proprietary. Not only can you not get parts or repairs unless you go b... Read More »

Is the Great Wall of China the only man-made object that can be seen from space?

Sections of the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but it is not the only man-made object that is visible from that distance. Other man-made structures visible from space include the pyram... Read More »