What are urinal cakes made from?

Answer Good luck with that. WTF is that avatar?

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How would you design a Speedy-Pee Urinal (TM) for a women's room w/ the same sized footprint of a men's urinal?

oo oo....tada!…

What are sam's fat cakes made from on iCarly?

Snowballs Actually they are not litterally made of SNOWBALLS as in snow. But the spelling is this: Sno Balls. They are cakes by hostess.

Can I sell home made cakes?

Difference is that you would be selling as a business. Just call up Environmental Health and they will guide you.

How to Make Home Made Suet Cakes?

Tired of wasting your money on oily suet cakes that get your hands messy when you try to put them up? Just follow this article, and all of your suet problems will depart from the feeder like a chic... Read More »