What are unstated premises called?

Answer Unstated premises are colloquially called assumptions. A person might use unstated premises in an argument, because the unstated premise is so obvious that it need not be stated. Other times the pe... Read More »

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Job Description of a Premises Manager?

Premises managers work for hotels, property management businesses and in companies' corporate facilities department. The manager makes sure subordinates maintain premises in good condition and form... Read More »

Notices to Vacate the Premises in California?

A notice to vacate premises in California is commonly known as an eviction notice. A landlord can evict a tenant for any reason, provided proper notice is given, unless the eviction is of the three... Read More »

What constitutes a search of a person or premises?

Every person has the Constitutional right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures as provided by the Fourth Amendment. In the case that you are the subject of an unreasonable searc... Read More »

Residential Premises Lease Agreement?

Residential rental agreements must contain the term of the tenancy, the monthly rental fee and termination provisions. Most state courts will uphold only written agreements and invalidate oral agre... Read More »