Which is worth it Fuggs (Fake Uggs) or Uggs?

Answer There really are no such things as "Fuggs" and I will explain why. The word UGG boots discribes a STYLE of SHEEPSKIN footwear and NOT a particular BRAND.Ug Ugh Ugly and Ugg are ALL simply "GENERIC"... Read More »

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What is the price of UGGs?

UGGs are a popular brand of sheepskin boots and other footwear. They vary in price depending on the product. According to the brand's official website, the classic UGG boot ranges from $140 to $200... Read More »

What do I wear with Uggs?

On One Hand: Uggs Embody a Casual WardrobeThe fashionable Australian sheep skin boots known as Uggs are popular worldwide and among women of all ages. Evident by their loose, comfortable fit and wi... Read More »

On what website can I buy cheaper bailey bow uggs?

What do you think of girls wearing UGGS with shorts?

I think it'd be cute. It's kind of ironic to wear boots with shorts, but isn't that what to kids are into these days? :-P I personally really like shorts with boots--adding tights can make it less ... Read More »