What are u drinking just now?

Answer Much BEER....

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I just puked what should I do, eating drinking wise.?

Did you puke because of drinking a good bit? If so, stop drinking. Just lie down and let it pass. If your stomach is upset for reasons other than alcohol consumption, then eat things like soup and ... Read More »

Can a person live just drinking salt water?

Let's say you're alone on a raft in the middle of the South Pacific, with no fresh water to speak of. What are the health implications of drinking salt water?The answer is that we only need a small... Read More »

What are the benefits of drinking green tea Is Crystal Light Green Tea just as good as others?

Green tea possesses compounds that may provide powerful protection against several cancers and, possibly, heart disease. Studies indicate that it also fights infection and promotes longevity.You ca... Read More »

Is there any recipes of Malta beverages besides just drinking it?

I am not sure of what you want, but look here. Hope it helps:…