What are two things that a parent needs to do to take care of a toddler?

Answer Well, the two most important things are:1. Make sure your toddler doesn't get too near or play with dangerous things such as fire, knives, hammers, nails, small items it can choke on, sick people, ... Read More »

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If granted full custody can a parent immediately take the child out of state to where that parent resides?

Answer This depends on the state. I know in CA, NV, TX, UT for a fact (and most other states are the same way). You can NOT take a child out of state regardless if you have full custody or not. I h... Read More »

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Care of African-American Toddler Hair That Won't Grow?

Caring for your toddler’s hair requires a lot of patience, especially for parents of African American children. On average, toddler hair is more delicate than adult hair, so the same hair care tr... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Dog's Basic Needs?

Do you not know how to take care of your dog and you just want to learn how? Well, you came to the right article! This article is about how to take care of you dog and and it will be great for you ... Read More »