What are two of the uses for ponds and dams?

Answer studies have used ponds

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What Are Hydroelectric Dams Made Out Of?

Hydroelectric dams are a way of generating electricity by harnessing flowing water. The dams are built to stop the flow of a river, which then creates a reservoir of water behind the dam. This wate... Read More »

How to Get Ice Dams Off Your Roof?

If you have trouble with ice dams growing on your roof, this simple solution will help you to solve the problem quickly, before the ice dam threatens to collapse your roof.

How to Remove Ice Dams in Gutters?

Ice dams are frozen water buildups that can occur in rain gutters during freezing winter days. They can block a whole gutter and hang over it in long and thick icicles. Because of their spike-like ... Read More »

Do Dams Hurt the Ecosystem?

Dam the river and stop the flooding! Hydroelectric power is clean and nonpolluting! But first, think about what you will be doing to the ecosystem. How will things be changed by the dam, both above... Read More »