What are tuning forks?

Answer Tuning forks are flat, two-pronged forks that help musicians tune their individual instruments to a standard, harmonious pitch. This prevents producing clashing, disharmonious sounds while playing ... Read More »

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What do tuning forks do?

Tuning forks are used to help a musician to tune his instrument. He will strike the tuning fork and then match the tone that is heard. A tuning fork is made so that the pitch is perfect for the not... Read More »

What kind of store sells tuning forks?

Medical or scientific equipment suppliers and professional music stores, including their online counterparts, sell tuning forks. New Age practitioners or healing therapy specialists use tuning fork... Read More »

How do tuning forks work?

When struck on a hard surface, the prongs of a tuning fork move together and apart. This vibration disturbs surrounding air molecules and creates a sound useful for adjusting the tone of musical in... Read More »

How are tuning forks used?

English musician John Shore invented the tuning fork in 1711. While regularly used to tune musical instruments, we have put the fork to use in ways that John Shore likely never dreamed possible.The... Read More »