What is the chemical formula for Tums?

Answer The original Tums contains a single active ingredient: calcium carbonate, which has the formula CaCO3. New Tums Dual Action adds the ingredients famotidine and magnesium hydroxide, according to the... Read More »

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What should we do if a 2 year old accidentally swallowed 2 tablets of tums?

I think he's fine, all it is is calcium. I wouldn't let him do it again, though. If you're really concerned call poison control. 1-800-222-1222

Is it bad for a one year old baby to eat a tums?

It could harm the sensitive lining of their stomachs.

Can I take Tums when I'm pregnant?

On One Hand: Considered SafeHormones present during pregnancy cause the muscle in the esophagus to relax, sending stomach acids back up the esophagus, which in turn causes heartburn and acid reflux... Read More »

Can you give a three month old baby tums for gas?

No! Are you burping the baby properly after feeding? That should help alleviate the problem. Also, breastfed babies have less gas than bottlefed babies do. Bottle-feeding could be causing the problem.