What are triglyceride levels?

Answer Triglycerides are a type of fat in your body. Your triglyceride levels are the amount of these fats circulating in your blood.Where Do Triglycerides Come From?Triglycerides are in foods that contai... Read More »

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What affects triglyceride levels?

Triglycerides, consisting of three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule, are energy-producing fat in blood. As high levels of triglycerides can negatively impact a person's health, understanding t... Read More »

What are the dangers of high triglyceride levels?

Triglycerides are a type of fat in your blood. The body converts food into triglycerides, which it uses as fuel throughout the day. If you do not use all of the energy, it is stored as fat. An elev... Read More »

What causes high triglyceride levels?

High triglyceride levels can be caused by external and internal factors. Triglyceride levels can be controlled by good nutrition, diet and exercise. If high triglyceride levels remain uncontrolled ... Read More »

What are the causes of elevated triglyceride levels?

According to the University of Michigan Health System, causes of elevated triglyceride levels include weight gain, too many calories in the diet, age, some medicines, illness and heredity.WeightTri... Read More »