What are toric contact lenses?

Answer Toric contact lenses treat astigmatism, which is a condition where the cornea is not perfectly spherical, causing distorted vision. Both soft and gas permeable toric contact lenses require fitting ... Read More »

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Toric contact lenses are always blurry?

Yes, that can happen with contact lenses. You need to check back with the doctor who prescribed them. It could be that your eyes are too dry for these contact lenses.

How to Insert & Remove Toric Contact Lenses?

Toric contact lenses were created for those with astigmatism. Astigmatism is an eye disorder that causes the cornea to be abnormally curved, which may cause your vision to be blurry or out-of-focus... Read More »

Could I wear non-toric (colored) contact lenses?

The mesh ones don't come in prescription it looks like, but the other ones do.Order - 1.25 for the right- 1.75 for your left. You should see quite well with those.

Do I really need toric lenses?

whether you need torics or not really depends on your Rx and your visual demand. if your Rx is plano -0.75 x 180, then YES you absolutely "need" torics. but if it's -9.00 -0.75 x 180 then probabl... Read More »