What are three things you would do if you were uncomfortable, cold and tired?

Answer hot bathwarm soup and teago to bed early

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I'm always feeling tired and cold, headaches, pains in shoulder, legs, arms, and joints?

Call your doctor and make an appointment. I was having similar symptoms a few weeks ago and it ended up being my gallbladder, and I also had an infection.

How do refrigerators keep things cold?

According to the State of California's Energy Quest website, refrigerators use a gas to remove warm air from the compartments of a refrigerator and freezer to keep the areas cooled to a desired tem... Read More »

What are some good things to take to get rid of a bad cold?

Warmed towels over your head and your chest as you rest, Ginger is good for your immune system, Ginger and honey tea is good, personally I don't like the taste of it but its good for you. Walking o... Read More »

What is inside A freezer that keeps things cold?

something that is cold and solid like ice but that stuff does not melt