What are three stages of parturition in humans?

Answer stage 1: Dilation stage: There are several factors that midwives and clinicians use to assess the labouring mother's progress, and these are defined by the Bishop Score. The Bishop score is also us... Read More »

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The Stages of Parturition?

The process of giving birth, known as parturition, occurs in three stages. In the first stage, the uterine prepares the fetus for expulsion. During the second stage, the uterus expels the fetus. Th... Read More »

What are the three stages of birth?

The three stages of birth are: the dilation stage, the expulsion stage, and the placental stage.dilation stage: begins at the onset of true labor contractionsexpulsion stage: occurs when the cervix... Read More »

What are the three stages of childbirth?

1.cervical dilation and effacement. 2.expulsion of the fetus. 3.expulsion of the placenta.

What Are the Three Stages of the Memory Process?

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