What are three poisonous plants?

Answer fox glovebuckeyecalla lily. AmaryllisAMarijuanautumn CrocusOleander Nightshade Yew Nightshade

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(UK) What common garden plants & shrubs are poisonous to dogs?

If you go to there is an enormous list, way too long for me to list here of various plants and shrubs which are poisonous to dogs. Included are Laburnum, Azalea, Cherry Laurel,... Read More »

Are ivy plants poisonous?

English ivy has berries that are poisonous if eaten. Avoid the leaves of the typical ivy plant because they may cause sickness. Ivy is poisonous to dogs, so keep it out of their reach.References:Do... Read More »

Are succulent plants poisonous?

Several succulent plants are poisonous, but many are not. Poisonous succulents include the century plant (agave americana), which has a 15-to-40-foot flower stalk, and the candelabras cactus (eupho... Read More »

Are rhododendron plants poisonous?

All parts of the rhododendron plant are highly toxic and poisonous to humans and animals. If ingested, symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficult breathing, abdominal pain. Larger a... Read More »