What are three effects on the heart from heavy drinking?

Answer Consistent heavy drinking takes its toll on the body in many ways, but the long-term risks it presents to the heart include high blood pressure, stiffening of the arteries and enlargement of the he... Read More »

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My heart palpitations are becoming more frequent , Especially after a night of heavy drinking. HELP!!!?

You are taking beta blockers and you are drinking ?? WOW ; what a good recipe for a heart attack

Red lips with hangover/after heavy drinking?

It is a combination of dehydration and the effect of the alcohol coming in contact with your lips. This is especially true if you are drinking strong spirits, such as shots of tequila, or other har... Read More »

Can drinking quite heavy for 10yrs cause cirrosis of the liver?

It sure can, but that is not the only thing that is affected by drinking like that, You are killing off allot of grey matter in your brain, heavy drinkers are known to have smaller brains because o... Read More »

What is the best way to avoid an hungover after a heavy night of drinking?