What are those things on the inside of your mouth called?

Answer their those things that release siliva nope their not bad if you didn't have them it'd be bad...

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What are those nasty white things that be in your mouth and they make your breath stink?

These things are called tonsilloliths ("tonsil stones.") You have described them perfectly. They are typically white, or whitish-yellow, irregularly-shaped, foul-smelling, and usually smaller than ... Read More »

How can I prevent getting those blisters inside my mouth ?

drink more water each day.. its the effect of heat.lack of water may cause it.and see your doctor for some medical advice too.

What is this red lump of cheek skin inside my mouth called?

Cancer, oral: A malignant tumor of the mouth area. A sore in the mouth that does not heal can be a warning sign of oral cancer. A biopsy is the only way to determine whether an abnormal area in the... Read More »

I have a little bubble thing inside my mouth like on my lip What is it called and how can I get rid of it?

It's a canker sore. Is it white-ish? I always get them when I eat too many acidic foods or if i stab myself with my toothbrush really hard. It's similar to a cold sore, actually. The best way to sp... Read More »