What are those masks they make you wear in an ambulance?

Answer These are called surgical masks. These are worn so that the microbes from the breath of the doctor do not enter the patient. They can be found in any medical store. Or you could ask a nurse/doctor ... Read More »

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What do you think of those cleaning products called Bam. They seem like they have powerful chemicals?

Whenever I wonder how good a product is, I read people's reviews on the product. Amazon is an excellent source for reviews.According to Amazon, Bam is a decent product. 4 out of 6 people gave it ... Read More »

Why do they spell "Ambulance" backward?

they put Ambulance in Reverse so that the driver ahead of them can see it in their rearview MIRROR as a straight-up word.Once he sees it (incase the ambulance isn't blinking lights or has no siren)... Read More »

What are those nasty white things that be in your mouth and they make your breath stink?

These things are called tonsilloliths ("tonsil stones.") You have described them perfectly. They are typically white, or whitish-yellow, irregularly-shaped, foul-smelling, and usually smaller than ... Read More »

Why are the signs that say ambulance backwards on the front of the ambulance?

So that if you don't hear the sirens or see the flashing lights you will (hopefully) see the word "AMBULANCE" in your rear view mirror, which reverses it so that you will see it "forward".