What are those masks they make you wear in an ambulance?

Answer These are called surgical masks. These are worn so that the microbes from the breath of the doctor do not enter the patient. They can be found in any medical store. Or you could ask a nurse/doctor ... Read More »

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Why are the signs that say ambulance backwards on the front of the ambulance?

So that if you don't hear the sirens or see the flashing lights you will (hopefully) see the word "AMBULANCE" in your rear view mirror, which reverses it so that you will see it "forward".

Why do Africans wear masks?

Masks are the personification of spirits which play an important sacred role in many tribal cultures. African tribal cultures have had a particularly rich mask tradition for centuries.HistoryHist... Read More »

Why do we wear masks on Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras wouldn't be Mardi Gras without the elaborate and exquisite masks revelers wear. The party-goers are in masquerade, which is the point. No one knows who they are.Carnival CrewsMasks have ... Read More »

Why do people wear tribal masks?

For centuries, tribal masks have played an important role in village life. From entertainment value to symbolic plays to voodoo rituals, elaborate masks remain central to many cultures.Around the W... Read More »