What are things you can do to reduce risks of anticoagulant therapy?

Answer Some ideas:You could monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of active bleeding. Be sure proper lab tests are ordered-- aPTT for heparin and PT/INR for coumadin therapy. Give patient a soft to... Read More »

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What are the risks of testosterone therapy?

Some men opt to get testosterone therapy to increase their testosterone level when they get older. Doctors administer testosterone therapy by injecting a synthetic version of the testosterone horm... Read More »

Laser Therapy to Reduce Redness Around the Nose?

The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery reports that there were over 400,000 laser skin procedures performed in the United States in 2008. Laser therapy is an effective non-surgical cosmetic solution... Read More »

Does defragmentation pose any risks to your computers What can you do to overcome the risks.?

There is no risk, it is actually beneficial to do occasionally. Hopefully this doesn't go over your head but here is a description of what defragmentation is:In the maintenance of file systems, def... Read More »

Things to Use to Reduce Razor Burn?

Razor burn is the common term for hair follicle irritation caused by improper shaving techniques, which lead to ingrown hairs. Razor burn can affect both men and women, and results in a red, bumpy... Read More »