What are these weird spots [PIC]?

Answer That's f-in' gross, man. Delete that sh*t and go see a doctor.Seriously, do you want us to write you a prescription for antibiotics, too?

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What are these weird phonecalls?

It doesn't cost you any more than any other incoming call. Your phone is not "calling the other person" (you never heard a dial tone or entered a number, correct?). The "ringing" you hear is just ... Read More »

What are these spots?

Maybe the beginning of the puberty or an allergic reaction. There are not enough details available to give you better hints about it..

What are these brown spots in my underwear?

brown spots? Honey if that is not your period which should be red/purple/brown, you could have an infection down there you should get checked love, by a professional doctor. Especially since you ar... Read More »

What are these small brown spots on my arm .?

It is very difficult for me to try and guess what kind of dermatologic skin changes you have without seeing them. The best way to find out what they are is to ask a dermatologist to check them out.... Read More »