What are these shorts called?

Answer high waisted denim shorts they are very popular at the moment. Cotton On sells them and I think pac sun does too.

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What do you think of these board shorts?

Yea, I think they look fine. The lining on the shorts match the shirt, so it's all good [:

Are these shorts too short for me?

They aren't even short! Whoever told you that was just being mean.. It would make more sense if you were wearing super short sorts like most other girls, but they are an appropriate length :) If yo... Read More »

Are these shorts girly/gay for a guy?

Lol Nah.They're cool.Depends where you are though.Don't be rockin' those unless your 5 feet away from a beach.Preferably Hawaii.

Where can I find these shorts, shirt and shoes?

Cutoff shorts are pretty common -………The tank looks like something you c... Read More »