What are these pills?

Answer they sound incredible!! what state are u in? check them on pill reports its a website

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White spades pills (ecstasy), wtf was in these pills ?

It could have been acid. It doesnt really work very well if you just swallow it tho. Maybe DMT or mescaline. Whatever it was, it probably is fairly harmless. That sounds like a fun tripp.

Can i take these pills?

Raspberry ketones come from the raspberry fruit. It's all natural, so it's fine to take unless you're allergic to raspberries!

Are these pills ok to take all together?

Fiber and exercise . With what your spending on those pills you could go to Walmart and buy almond flour, flax meal, whole grain pasta, chicken breasts, goat cheese. LOTS of vegetables. Olive oi... Read More »

Are these pills even gonna help?

Make sure you take probiotics as well. Antibiotics can have side effects.Please search Google for probiotics.Be Well