What are these paid per hour web surfing sites?

Answer I would recommend it, while back in 2002 they send out checks monthly to it's members. That time it was called alladvantage, now the company has re-group as agloco. Well only trick is you will make... Read More »

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When you are surfing the net, what are your top 3 go-to sites?

Yahoo Answers, e-mail, and Environment Canada.

I know about free webs and like google sites, but are these just as good as sites you have to pay for?

Search engines do not care how much you spend, free hosts with a proper domain name will do as well as paid ones.

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How to Find Top Paid Survey Sites?

There are thousands of online survey sites but 90% of them are bad ones and will either :Not pay you top dollar for the surveys you complete and will keep most of the money to themselves.Never pay... Read More »