What are the real names of the characters on the sweet life of Zack and Cody?

Answer Cody Martin, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, is the erudite, sweet, intelligent, wise, tidy, and sensitive twin. Cody performs well academically, is a straight A student, and has shown to have a great i... Read More »

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In the Lizzie Maguire what is Isabella's real name in real life?

Is raven symone a real desiner in real life?

He was formerly the demon Keldor from another dimension, hit by acid rebounding off randors shield, he became the skeltal villain Skeletor

In the show life with derek what is cassie's name in real life?

Is the game Better Life from the Suite Life on Deck real?

No, there is no actual game called "better life", that was just used on the show. However, Better Life was based on a game called Second Life which is a 3D online chatting website. Check it out at ... Read More »