After i have been working on my computer for a few hours my eyes feel like their being pulled out of their?

Answer take a break every 20 minutes to give your eyes a rest and make sure there is enough light surrounding you in the room. I used to have this problem and I used to get really drowsy. I did what I'v... Read More »

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Who do you complain to about train noise They blow their horns at all hours of the night.?

Petition your town. The Federal government has created a way towns can apply for a "quiet zone". Otherwise Federal law requires they blow the horn.Here's the FRA's official page on the rules chan... Read More »

Would you take someone to Emergency because their Blood Pressure was sky high for over 12 hours?

Hey, what are you waiting for - a stroke?Get them to the hospital and fast!They may have already suffered one!

I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?

this is perfectly alright. you are just killing your liver and probably doing untold damage to your stomach but since they can replace your liver and you can always go on a liquid diet go ahead an... Read More »

Why is it that brothers' wives won't mind if their husbands are close to their brothers but she can't stand if their husband provides any emotional support to their sisters even when it required?

Well thinking of it, it is because they are probably straight and the wives are just jealous.